Trading Platform Terms and Policies

These are the terms and conditions outlined by Tradex, presumably for trading on their platform. It's important to read and understand these terms before using their platform, as they outline the rules and expectations for users. Here's a breakdown of each point:

Bank Details/UPI ID

Bank details/UPI ID may change; don't deposit on previous bank details you have paid in, or fund responsibility will not be ours.

Profit Booking Within 5 Minutes

Any profits made within 5 minutes of a trade will be considered as jobbing or scalping. The platform reserves the right to remove such profits.

No VPN Usage

Trading on the platform using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is not allowed. If someone is found using a VPN, their trades will be deleted.

Dividend and Bonus

Dividend and bonus calculations will follow the rules and regulations of the relevant stock exchange circulars.

Cross Orders and Same IP Address

The platform will cancel cross orders and trades made with the same IP address. Trading with the same IP address in multiple accounts is strictly prohibited, and profitable trades may be removed without prior notice.

Negative Balance Protection

The platform offers protection against negative balances, with a specified step-out level of 30%.

Execution of Orders

Stop loss and other orders will be executed based on bid/ask prices, not the last traded price (LTP).

Prohibited Trading Practices

Chamka (possibly a term specific to the platform), lines, and insider trades are not acceptable.

Reporting Glitches

Users are required to report any glitches or software issues immediately. If a client cannot close their positions due to a software glitch, they should notify the platform, and the positions will be squared off at the current market price (CMP) upon receipt of the message.

Group Trading

Group trading is not allowed on the platform without prior permission from the platform's administration.

Payout Delays

Payouts may be delayed due to banking server issues, and clients are advised to be patient in such situations.

Margin and Fund Management

Clients are responsible for maintaining adequate margin/fund levels to avoid partial liquidation or losses.

Account Locking

If a client does not use their account for 7 days, it will be locked for security reasons. To unlock the account, the client should contact customer support.